VOC Reduction and
Solvent Recovery Systems

Morecheck are the leaders in the design and manufacture of VOC reduction and solvent recovery systems. We can cater for the simplest of 25 litre systems to full automotive style booths. VOC reduction is a very important element of any paint shop for which Morecheck Ltd can provide many option for the capture and recording of VOC’s


  • Solvent usage reduction plans – both simple facility modifications and process changes
  • Solvent usage monitoring – Measure materials in and out from processes including of
    installation of flow meters


  • Customer specific designs
  • All modular built, assembled and tested
  • Waterborne and solventborne compatible
  • All stainless steel manufacture
  • Simple 25 litre pail / 205 litre drum / 250 litre + tank recovery modules
  • Inclusive of all level detection and monitoring


  • Site specific designs
  • Modular fabricated and assembled
  • All stainless steel systems
  • Gravity and pressurised mains systems
  • Coupling technologies – compression couplings / sanitary connections / flanged connections