Project Management

The success of any project is within its control. We manage our projects with extreme detail and the engineer who negotiated the project remains with the project until the end. The project managers have a wealth of experience from Morecheck Limited and previous similar employment. There are important stages in a project :-


We have our own design team who regularly travel to site and get involved with the project from day one, it is down to the design team to produce all drawings and purchase any standard equipment. The project manager has control of any major purchases.


Because we manufacture a high percentage of equipment on the project we have total control within our facility, Our engineering staff can be flexible on design and therefore be involved with many projects of all sizes at any given time.

We employ all of our manufacturing engineers and we can control them to work on projects which may be required on shorter delivery times.

We stock a lot of essential standard equipment, dished ends, tanks, tube etc and we are therefore not in the hands of sub-contractors.


All of our installation engineers are employed by the company in the UK and various other countries, we provide all tools and installation equipment.

We try to modulate and manufacture everything in our workshop reducing the time on site, this not only reduces the risks and problems on site but also reduces the cost.


Our commissioning engineers are employed by the company and have a vast amount of experience of project installation and commissioning, They are provided with latest commissioning equipment and are fully supported from the office.


We never leave site until the project is completely handed over to the customer and brought off and that the customer is completely satisfied.

With all of these tasks the project manager takes full control and has a daily input to the project and has full contact with the customer, the success of the project is that Morecheck employs all engineers and manufactures all of the equipment we therefore have " Full Control "