About Morecheck Limited

Morecheck was established in 1992 as an engineering company to manufacture paint mix and distribution systems for the automotive industry. Since 1992 we have manufactured a high percentage of all paint mix and distribution systems in the UK and Europe.

Our company has expanded to cater for all aspects of process facilities such as the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and has been driven by our outstanding quality and adaptable working approach.

Whilst we continue to work within the UK, a large proportion of work is now lying abroad. We have recently completed work in Russia, Turkey, India and many other countries in Eastern Europe.

Our commitment to health and safety and the environment is at the forefront of Morecheck Limited, with our employees trained and committed to go that bit further. We have been awarded as a result with both ISO 9001 and 14001.

“Our aim is to provide the best possible service and equipment, and of course the highest of quality at the most competitive prices”

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